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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: May 11, 2012 11:23pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: There's a lot of shows not on here...

When compiling the various lists I've been doing related to ABC and DuMont, I came across the names of many shows which have at least 1 surviving episode, and sometimes many more than that.

So, I collect the names of these series to give you an idea of how much is not on this site. Most of these series are public domain.

If any of them have actually been uploaded, please tell me.

Actor's Studio (1948–1950)
Arch Oboler's Comedy Theatre (1949?) (anthology)
Auction-Aire (1949–1950) (game show)
Club Seven (1948–1951) (variety)
Hollywood Screen Test (1948–1953) (game show/anthology)
Mysteries of Chinatown (1949–1950) (crime drama?
The Wendy Barrie Show/Photoplay time (1948–1950)
Volume One (1949) (anthology)
Your Witness (1949–1950) (courtroom anthology)
Acrobat Ranch (1950) (childrens series with a circus theme)
The Amazing Mr. Malone (1950–1952) (crime drama)
Billy Rose's Playbill (1950-1951) (drama/anthology)
Crash Corrigan's Ranch (1950) (childrens variety show with western setting)
Hollywood Theatre Time (1950–1951) (random/anthology)
Life with Linkletter (1950–1952)
Mama Rosa (1950) (sitcom)
The Marshal of Gunsight Pass (1950) (a western that was broadcast live)
Old Fashioned Meeting (1950–1951) (religious)
The College Bowl (1950–1951) (starring Chico Marx. Not the later game show)
Don Ameche’s Musical Playhouse (1950–1951)
Lucky Pup (1948–1951) (childrens puppet series with low production values)
Gruen Guild Playhouse (1951–1952) (anthology)
Kreisler Bandstand (1951) (music/variety)
Studs' Place (1950–1952) (drama)
Your Pet Parade (1951) (children's series featuring pets with talents)
The Herb Shriner Show (1949–1956)
TV Teen Club (1949–1954) (music variety)
Doctor I.Q. (1953–1959) (game show)
The George Jessel Show (1953–1954) (variety show)
Give Them This Day (1953) (one-off special aired on NBC, ABC and DuMont)
Jamie (1953–1954) (live sitcom)
The Motorola Television Hour (1953–1954) (anthology)
The Name's the Same (1951–1955) (game show)
Of Many Things (1953–1954) (documentary/discussion)
ABC Album (1953) (pilots for proposed series)
Plymouth Playhouse (1953) (pilots for proposed series)
Your Play Time (1953) (anthology)
And Everything Nice (1949–1950) (fashion)
A.N.T.A. Album of 1955 (one-off variety special)
Better Living TV Theatre (1953-195?) (discussion)
Keep Posted (1951–1954) (topical debates)
Blind Date (1949–1953) (game show)
Boxing from St. Nicholas Arena (1946–1956) (sports)
Champagne and Orchids (1948-1949) (variety/fashion)
Charlie Wild, Private Detective (1950–1952) (crime drama)
Colonel Humphrey Flack (1953–1959) (crime drama)
Concert Tonight (1953–1955) (classical music)
Dark of Night (1952–1953) (anthology)
Doorway to Fame (1947–1949) (variety/talent)
Famous Jury Trials (1949–1952) (crime drama)
Flight to Rhythm (1949) (latin-themed variety)
Front Row Center (1949–1950) (variety)
Georgetown University Forum (1951–1953) (unpopular discussion program)
The Growing Paynes (1948–1949) (sitcom)
Guide Right (1952–1953) (variety series)
International Playhouse (1951) (anthology)
Jimmy Hughes, Rookie Cop (1953) (crime drama)
Joseph Schildkraut Presents (1952) (anthology)
Life Begins at Eighty (1950–1956) (discussion)
The Magic Cottage (1949–1951) (children's series. Reportedly quite fabulous)
Marge and Jeff (1953-1954) (sitcom)
Melody Street (1953-1954) (variety show reported to not be fabulous)
Newsweek Views the News (1948-1950) (public-affairs series)
The New York Times Youth Forum (1952–1953) (public affairs? Probably not fabulous)
Not for Publication (1951-1952) (crime drama)
Once Upon a Tune (1951) (musical spoofs of popular fairly tales)
Opera Cameos (1953–1955)
Operation Success (1948–1949) (this show does not sound fabulous)
The Paul Dixon Show (variety/talk show. Considered by many to be fabulous)
Photographic Horizons (1947-1948) (surviving episode from 25 August 1948)
The Plainclothesman (1949–1954) (crime drama. Acclaimed and fairly popular)
The Pulse of the City (1953) (drama which sounds fabulous)
Small Fry Club (1947–1951) (children's series)
Star Time (1950–1951) (variety. A review on IMDb says it is fabulous)
The Ted Steele Show (1948–1949) (variety)
This Is Music (1951–1959) (music series. Duh!)
The Vincent Lopez Show (1949) (music)
Window on the World (1949) (variety show. A major flop!)
Wisdom of the Ages (1952–1953) (discussion)